Meazure allows you to find out the exact size of a portion of the screen
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Meazure allows you to find out the exact dimensions of a portion of the screen. With this tool, you will easily find out the size of a window, an image, or a chart. Meazure will magnify the portion of the screen you are examining, so that you can select what you want to measure (a line, a rectangle, a circle...) using the guides provided and applying them to the chosen portion of the screen. The main window will show you the x and y dimensions of that fragment, as well as the RGB value.

Meazure also allows you to capture precise portions of the screen, which you can later paste on any other application. Besides, you can accurately measure a form, record the position of the different fields and save those positions to a file, which you can later use to apply that exact position to a new form.

You can choose the units that you want the program to use (pixels, millimeters, centimeters...), and even define your own custom units. Through the "Preferences" dialog, you can also choose the resolution, the rulers, and the level of precision that you want to apply.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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